Saturday, June 18, 2011

Show and Tell time

This week's post is just for fun!  I thought we'd show off a little bit of what life is like around a home schooling house.  These photos are not really a "day in the life;" they span quite a period of time.

In this first photo, we get the best of both worlds; although we don't have to miss school for snow days like our public school counterparts, we get to play with our friends who are home from school during play time!  And unlike our local school, we get to go OUTSIDE and play in the snow!  Hooray!
Here is DS#1's favorite way to spend time reading-- with a cat in his lap.  I happen to love this shot, because he's reading, "I Am Spartapuss," a book as full of terrible feline puns as the title suggests, which kept him laughing all the way through, but which also inspired him to head to the library to begin researching the real Spartacus while we were studying the ancient Romans this winter and spring.

DS#2 is preparing our timeline, part of which you can see here.  He's drawing the lines for some of the cultures we plan to study in the coming year.  This timeline now dominates one wall of our family room, and we add to it every time we encounter important dates in our history lessons.  It's a pretty neat visual on when different cultures rose to prominence and then ebbed!

Sleepover time!  Kids woke up before I did, and decided it was a nice morning, so they dug out "Life" and set it up on the back porch.  Homeschool kids have sleepovers and do normal social activities just like any other kids!

Son #2 has been appointing himself to assist in the kitchen lately; he decided to make brownies the other night.  Despite the upside-down directions, the brownies came out right side up and tasted pretty good!

Son #1 jots down his observations during a NOEO Chemistry experiment (are gas molecules very far apart compared to liquid molecules?  If we coax the gas out of the soda, will the liquid level change in that bottle of Coke?)

Son #2 returns to cooking-- time to make the french toast!  It came out just as well as the brownies did!

How do we open Khufu's pyramid?  First we have to decipher these hieroglyphs to find the secret entrance!

Success!  Now with archaeologist's tools, we excavate the inside of the pyramid, looking for the sarcophagus and canoptic jars, and even a mummy wrapped in linen!  We want to get back to doing some more of those hieroglyphs.  The excavation took a really long time.

Somehow, when he reads, he always ends up with a cat in his lap.  Greek and Roman mythology . . . again.  This is free time after school was done.

1,2, . . . 3?  It's not unusual to end up with an afterschooler joining us in our house unofficially.  Chemistry experiments are just so cool, it's no problem to come and do them with us after school, even if NittanyJen makes you write up a lab report for it!  Today we're watching how food coloring dissipates differently in hot vs cold glasses of water . . . why does it go faster in the hot water?

We just wanted to share some of the fun we've been having, and of course help homeschoolers answer  that ever-present question:  What do you do all day??  Of course, we don't have any action shots of our math or grammar texts :).  But we hope you enjoyed seeing some of the fun side of things!

--Thanks for reading!


  1. best post EVER! i feel like i was right there....

  2. Aw, loved these photos! I love seeing the boys reading and cooking...while appearing intent and focused!

  3. I love your backyard! It reminds me of where I grew up.